July 13, 2008

Michael Douglas and Yesudasan (From another blog)

I had the privilege of watching interviews of two successful peoplefrom different industries from across the world on TV today morning.The first was Michael Douglas. The celebrity Hollywood actor was quitecandid and very lucid. One thing that struck me was his mentioning " Itry to have with me for my projects, the best possible actors,technicians and directors. There is no question of ego or insecurityhere. The only objective is to make a very good movie. Other thingsare irrelevant "....................Quite correct. Group goals alwaystakes precedence over individual goals.On switching to a Malayalam Channel, the famous cartoonist Yesudasanwas heard explaining how the famous cartoonist Shankar influenced himin his formative years. Most of the cartoonist have a habit ofconcentrating on the face (head) of the individual portrayed in thecartoon and would not pay much attention to the other aspects of thebody like legs, hand, fingers, dress etc. Shankar advised him to beperfect, pay very close attention to even the slippers being worn andthen caricature the individual. This quest for perfection was thehallmark of Shankar's cartoons and also ofYesudasan's.........Something to be learned from this too.We can apply both to our daily life. Can't we? Will make us much better

July 1, 2008

The latest cartoon in the series 'Mrs Nair" publishes in the Vanitha magazine
This is a cartoon by yesudasan which appeared in the manorama daily on the ministers visit to view the wax statue of Nehru and cartoonist Shanker